Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Now available the new book "Lancia Rally, code name 037" written together with the famous engineer Sergio Limone.
This book illustrates the genesis and the development of 1983 World Rally Champion car: the last two-wheel drive model in the history to win the title.
Initially identified with the Abarth "SE037" design code, the Lancia Rally (this is its official name) obtained the group B approval on April 1st, 1982, just two years after the first lines drawn on a white sheet and then intense testing activity.
The technical description of the engineer Sergio Limone and the unpublished photographs of the time revive a fundamental chapter of sports motoring and a decade of great revolution.

Italian and English edition

size: 21 x 24 cm
features: paperback, soft cover
number of pages: 200
photos: 254 in B/W and colors