Tuesday, April 2, 2019


Today marks the inauguration of the FCA Heritage HUB, in the old Officina 81 site in Via Plava, Torino. This site, suspended between the past and the future, is home to FCA’s Heritage Department and its mission for safeguarding the priceless heritage of the Group’s Italian brands. A workplace for services and sales, but also a thrilling display and info experience.

The Heritage HUB opens in an evocative but highly evolved building, where interaction and connectivity add a new look to the glorious history of Fiat, Lancia and Abarth – the brands most closely linked to the Turin area – and also of Alfa Romeo. It is set in a part of the huge industrial area of Mirafiori, a historic mechanical manufacturing complex, a sub-alpine landmark of inventiveness and engineering today generating fresh energy. The original building has been subjected to a careful conservative restoration which respects its industrial nature.

If you look upwards, you can watch a suspended exhibition on the history of Mirafiori: a journey through photos and text which intuitively and immersively tells the fascinating story of this site’s most important events... eighty years after its inauguration.
The HUB also contains all FCA Heritage’s services and product activities, and the exclusive display space for the “Reloaded by Creators” project, which certifies and restores all the original beauty of many vintage models, and prepares them for sale.

The most thrilling surprise, however, comes from an overwhelming display of cars: the 15,000 mq of the Heritage HUB has over 250 vehicles on show! These are authentic jewels of the FCA Heritage collection – some never before exhibited – which transform this place into an educational and emotional temple: not so much a traditional museum space as a threedimensional archive in constant growth, and an incubator of ideas to be enjoyed on guided tours.

The central area features eight thematic exhibitions, each of which highlights eight cars from different eras and brands, from 1908 to 2008. That makes sixty-four cars, apparently distant from one another in kind, age and brand, but each physically embodying the theme of its area, following an innovative exhibition criteria and philosophy. This display will soon be open to the public.